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What a tragedy


to be loved

>>>>>>>>>> and not know it

to love

>>>>>>>>>> and not show it

to want to be loved

>>>>>>>>>> and not know how

to want to show love

>>>>>>>>>> and fail.

Things that I want to show. Look and Tell!

In Christ, we're Fit & Free!

Fit in mind, body, and soul - (mental, physical, and spiritual)!



    Love that you have given away is not love until recieved.    
  Read the store of "($)The Masterpiece" "($)My Site Gallery", and check the article of "Joy".     Thanks. (See most original thoughts here ($).)  

There is no thing as Love without a vibrant relationship with your "Accepted Authority", and he may not be Jesus. See "($)Love and  Authority"; and then "($)Authority and Obedience". 


If you were to choose between Love and Respect, which would you choose for your friend? Why? 

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 Meanwhile, choose Respect, and Love will come in. Try it!

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