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   Watch what you say!



Watch what you say!

In the  course of your conversation each and every day,

Think twice, try to be careful of what you have to say;

Your remarks may be picked up by someone's listening ear,

You may be surprised at what some people think they hear.

Things that you innocently say, or try to portray,

Can be changed, and greatly exaggerated along the way.

Many stories change for the worse as they are retold.

So try to keep any questionable remarks "on hold."

May I give all of you some very sound advice?

When you speak of others, say something nice;

Try to say good things, regardless of who is around,

If you have nothing good to say, don't utter a sound.

You may find that an innocent remark, in the end,

May lose you a close and valued friend.

---Henry Lesser















Observing Thoughts: To say a "bad word", you have to work hard. All that you have to do is just never say them mentally, physically nor spiritually. Amen! Do not "think" bad words and the good words only will come flying out. Absolutely!    When "bad words" become "good words", the change is also changed in you thought, actions, and ideas of God.  


Should a Preacher curse  while praying to God? Which God? You, Sir, are a Preacher.


2003: We have a new language now. We used to use good English with bad words limited inside a sentence. Now we have a new language of bad words in complete sentences with a little of English ever little added. An...and you want to talk to God? Which? God still loves you (Philos), unconditionally. There was a time when a person near A Preacher would not say bad words.  Now, 2003-- Children, too, talks to the Preacher, and the Preacher swears it back. They say: "Its in The Bible!" All adjectives are not nice. All people have them own God. Please Help us.  Mom and Pop not only talk to each other, but to the baby, too. And to teach them to Pray? Lord help us.

Peterís Words.     Christ hears every word spoken in disparagement of His children. He knows when they become almost distracted in their work because meddlesome persons, instead of attending to their own work, carry a great burden for the work of someone else. . . . Could the eyes of the one who is cherishing evil surmising be opened, he would see the Saviour drawing near to the one whom he has accused, bending over him as, full of perplexity, he kneels beside his couch, weeping, and begging the Lord for strength, for wisdom, for His keeping power. E. G. White--Manuscript 94, Sept. 23, 1904, "The Sin of Evil-speaking."

Profanity and Blasphemy


Profanity is the irreverent or

 disrespectful use of God's holy Name.

 Blasphemy is insulting language used

 to show contempt for God, the saints

 and holy things. For example, if a

 person contemptuously ridiculed the

 truths of religion or the sacred

 ceremonies of the Church, he would

 commit the sin of blasphemy. Since

 deliberate blasphemy is contempt of

 God, it is a mortal sin. In the

 Jewish law, a person who blasphemed

 God was put to death.




Cursing is not the same as swearing

 although many persons confuse these

 two sins. When we take an oath, we

 swear to tell the truth, while

 cursing is the hope or wish that some

 evil will happen to a person, place,

 or thing. The sin becomes more

 serious when we add the Name of God

 and ask Him to send some misfortune

 to another. Terrible indeed is the

 sin committed by those who ask God to

 send someone to hell. Many times such

 expressions are not really meant,

 and the sin is not mortal. However,

 we should always avoid the use of

 such language.


The Evil of Irreverence


There must be great joy among the

 devils in hell when they hear the

 holy Name of God taken in vain, that

 is, used with irreverence to express

 anger, contempt. and surprise. The

 angels and saints in heaven must

 wonder at the ingratitude of

 creatures who insult the God

 Who made them and profane the holy

 Name of their Divine Saviour Who died

 on the cross for them. People who do

 not believe in God or Jesus Christ

 cannot understand why Christians

 misuse the Name of their God. We know

 that ordinarily we commit a venial

 sin when we use God's Name in vain.

 Nevertheless it can be mortal if

 young children follow our example

 and learn to offend God. In this

 case,the sin of scandal is also





We are commanded by the Second Commandment to speak

 with reverence of the Name of God,...


William J Cavanagh, M.A.  RELIGION COMMANDMENTS, PRECEPTS, AND SACRAMENTS New York William H. Sadlier, Inc. 1853 pg.37-38

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